Raise Funds For Any Part Your Life Or Even A Koz & Promote Your Art For Free(i.e video & music)

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“There is more to life then just watching, if you haven’t please start participating in the constant flow of art and entertainment, while still owning the complete value of your content…ask FaceBook what the value of your SPONSOR3d reality show is?” – Jonathan Pierson



We are a entertainment and art site, where any one from around the world can submit their art(poetry, music, videos, pictures, ect…)for the world to see.  We hope to be an outlet for people to find rare and amazing creations that have yet to get the promotion they deserve on youtube or other websites.  When you post on our website, your getting free promotion and your also earning revenue…This site is owned and operated by Uncommon Love, for more information about us visit itsUncommon.org, we run a non profit record label named For Good Records, this is our way of helping the world by creating an income generating engine(ige’s).

The Stop + Listen + Look section is where you’ll find submitted content, feel free to share…

Our Non Profit: itsUncommon.org + Our Corporation: WhoWhyWhat.com


We are the only place online that allows the average person to monetize their content using sponsor’s, we work with companies like Walmart, Microsoft, Gamestop, Stacy Adams, and even DegreesFinder.  Now when people purchase something from a sponsor of yours, or interact with their website(searching, signing up, free trials, ect) you raise funds, just like it was a commercial only now there is no pre-determined payment, your getting residual income from your content, as long as it stays online.

If you would like to start monetizing your content and if you would like to submit some art…

For the first time you are in control of the AD’s:  

1.  Control the advertiser’s that show up  on your  Journal entries, picture post, video  uploads and  cause/profile pages. Then choose  where the  advertising  money goes; it can be for  a church,  charity or  even your own needs.  Posting on both your other social network pages  and our site can earn alot of money  for your  needs/favorite causes., as your able to  reach out  to our visitors without any extra work.  Now you  can easily raise $1.00 from every member  of your facebook group, through sponsors not  people’s wallets…

2. Post your custom domain on  Facebook, Myspace, Twitter,  or even Youtube to control the advertiser’s that are displayed to your friends and visitor’s. You choose where the money goes and who you want  to work with. We have relationships with over a 100 sponsor’s/advertiser’s. What type of Ads? Games (i.e Scavenger Hunts), Video Ads, Phone/Call Ad’s, Text, or User Customized Designs/Promotions + Don’t forget to ask us about the variety of online and offline fundraiser ideas we have, and the pick up and go jobs that we have available for you at any time.



          Create your own cause to fundraise for using our sponsor’s (online or offline); when you start your profile you’ll also get a website and domain for free. -+- Connect your cause to fundraising options and sponsors we help you discover -+- Use us as your assistant or make us a part of your team and start promoting your cause on any profile or site you own….

          …Do you have a cause you want to find funding for? Well at Your koz you can create a customized page to host your cause and earn money through sponsors and advertisers that you place on your page, you choose who you want to work with and we help guarentee funding from them to help your cause(You can also choose from our list of sponsor’s). You can even use the social networks you are already a part of.  You can start a cause about anything from a non profit you love to a new bike for getting to school, there’s no limit to the cause pages/groups you can start. Through our site we have developed a program for you. There is no limit to what you can do with Yourkoz and our dedicated team. Fully functional site creation lets you add content however you choose to. Post videos or broadcast from sites like youtube and add interest to your page to increase the amount of people who see your specific cause; and improve the amount of money you raise.  

          Many people have yet to find a way to get $1.00 for every person who has joined their facebook charity group. When you use us they can give donations without ever giving more then their time. So we made sure we created a solution for that by linking with qualified sponsor’s and donor’s, in order to provide a helping hand to your cause’s. All you have to do is post your koz on your profile page, and we’ll do the hard work of finding people who can donate or invest in your cause. Haven’t found that dream job? You can make your koz blog post about any need you have, it can be a Non-Profit you know and love, or a new home for your parents.

          Whatever cause you have to represent, we can help out. Through angel investor’s, donations, and sponsorship within your blog/cause post. We’ve dedicated our efforts to finding and developing private sector job’s through a comprehensive Non-Profit/Business building program. We also are constantly working on providing free education option’s specifically within the business/non-profit field’s, Job Growth is our number one priority right now and through your cause’s many can easily be helped out… Uncommon Love was created to find a way to solve all of these problem’s while running completely on nothing, We pride ourselves in being a zero profit group. So please check out what we are able to do for you .


          Yourkoz.com is our plan to help heal the world. We’ve developed the only social network and search engine that allows the users to control the advertising and the revenue earned from their pages and around their content. A little time spent daily can allow us to connect world wide and heal problems that arise any where in the world, and we don’t have to give the value earned from our online interactions to sites like facebook. Yourkoz.com was started by Who Why What inc., our goals have been job creation and education in thriving fields. We really had one goal when we started, and that was to make sure cost is not a barrier for our youth to be able to fulfill their dreams, goals, or to feed themselves and their family.

          Our main information can be found at www.WhoWhyWhat.com. We can help people start fundraisers, events, businesses or non-profits. We are able to help fund and find funding for anyone’s project/idea. It is our belief that not enough people know about the benefits of tax deductibles, and not many people feel as though they have the opportunity to act on their personal ideas on non-profits because of a lack of business skills or a need for alot more in their life. We can be there for you, every step of the way, with a dedicated team and staff there for you each and every event, fundraiser, or charity party/dinner.

Please help us by donating to Uncommon Love and volunteering when you have the time…just contact us at Contact@WhoWhyWhat.com or at WhoWhyWhat.com for more information or to send a direct donation online.

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