Message & Testimony from Jon Pierson(our founder):
Contact Us 24/7 = For prayer or if you need help/advice due to a supernatural attack

We are doing a documentary on the Holy Spirit, let us know if you or someone you know wants to participate in the documentary or share with our online church (i.e testimonies about miracles, prophecy, and your experiences with God)

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If you can, please help us share this video
& also do a G.o.o.g.l.e search on:

“How to submit a news story…”

Even if it’s not about my testimony, some people may not know they can get a variety of important stories into news agencies…even your small businesses pursuits/causes/efforts/ideas.

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If all goes well, Jon has a #2020Vision = #DontJustVote

I believe we can fix alot of problems if at least 1 million people group together with us and use their tithes/time for 2 weeks to a month, to help share the gospel world wide, instead of giving to their church(the church can shut down for a while, and focus on this goal).  Scripture say’s once the gospel has reached the entire world then the end of day’s will come, I invite you to be a part of this movement to do good for God, to do His will, and watch how the world changes as the hearts of men in charge have the opportunity to be moved towards peace and not evil, towards strengthening those that plan on doing good in this world…please check out updates I have made on Twitter@3104973381

If you would like to invest instead of donating there is information at and private invitations that can only be found by talking/emailing/texting me or keeping up with the while it is still being used(not sure how much longer I will support some websites, without being able to publicly get credit for what I have created)…PEace

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