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We help you raise funds for your KOZ especially through donations, p2p stocks/loans(+royalties), and over 200 SPONSOR’s to use if you aren’t a sinner(one way to raise funds is that you can get a % of the sales you help make possible)
(Click here to get more info on how to start) + Don’t forget you can always promote your ART/MUSIC/VIDEOS for FREE

WhoWhyWhat.com(Special inc.) I UncommonLove.us(Our Non Profit) I WhoAreYou.me I MeetHere.us I Teender.us(Under 18 Only) I itsUncommon.org(inames.site) I HiveChurch.org I RUON.us(Our Store) I VideoReview.site(HelpMet.com) I Find It: The Living Search Engine I WeDeliver.me

If your interested in helping to support us visit www.G88D.us and send a one time donation to us at UncommonLove.us + Contact: @3104973381 + Contact@itsUncommon.org

VIDEO OF THE WEEK = Best Day of My Life – By: Nudity(Jon Pierson, Yot, Boston) – Rapper – YouTube: WorkingOnMy

It is $1 to 4.00 a month to join the network of sites and our unique programs, please help support us as we continue to keep everything running. 

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or use pay pal = by clicking here or www.paypal.me/uncommonlove and you can also visit any Wells Fargo if you want to make a deposit to our account….


Thanks for visiting Leenk where we give you more then Leenks, at Leenk.us you will find a great art(video, pictures, music, and text) social network, we also have new music for free from artist like Rusko, Zero 7, Jon Pierson(Nudity, YoT, Boston, o.k(one king)), you can thank the founder, Jon Pierson, for everything.
ChangeForChange.me + itsUncommon.org + WhoAreYou.me + Teender.us (Under 18 Only) + WhoWhyWhat.com + MeetHere.us

If you click on any advertisement please tell us: contact@WhoWhyWhat.com

We are currently auditing Google, and need help making sure the workers aren’t doing anything evil by hiding our actual stats/revenue…We can also help you get paid for every review of any of the websites that we are associated with(especially our sponsors), please let us know about your experience.

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Make as many Koz pages/groups/profiles/sites as you want about anything = raise funds = alot of sponsors
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                    +P2P Loans/Investements(Royalties included)+  +Delivery(Meet Us or We will deliver)+
We need 4 dollars a year to join our networks due to the amount of work – use Pay Pal or deposit to Uncommon Love at Wells Fargo
We have over 200 sponsors anyone can choose from if they aren’t a sinner just call…text…& email anytime
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